I value my patients' experience at All Clear Counseling. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to email me on my contact page with your review.

  • Dr. Peed truly cares and validates your experience. She offers skills and helpful resources to learn and grow in the midst of obstacles. She is present and actively listens during sessions. I highly recommend her!

    - C.B.
  • “Dr. Shelly was an amazing help to our family. I reached out to her after our family experienced a lot of big changes. My children were having a hard time emotionally regulating, and I was unsure of how to help them. She made us feel comfortable when talking to her. It was almost like talking to a close aunt. Our family was successful because we used the strategies she taught us. She is a great therapist, and I highly recommend her!”

    - N.C.
  • I would suggest Shelly as a great counselor for personal issues or joint counsel for relationships. She doesn’t give the answers you expect to hear and has an open mind. I continue to use her throughout issues I face.

    - T.B.
  • Shelly Peed … Thank you for being a good listener and communicator during our several months of sessions! The saying that you gave me: Right now, I'm aware, of the sensations in my _________, right now. SO WHAT?! I continue to use this saying anytime I feel it is necessary, but most important to me is reducing the time period of worrying about some thought. A year ago, I would worry about something for a minute or two and now I dismiss it in a second or less! I feel like our discussions really helped me immensely!

    - R.R.
  • I began working with Shelly/Dr. Peed (you choose!) soon after our family's 600-mile move. I was navigating grief from saying goodbye to a life and community I loved, along with the disorientation that comes with living in a new town. It felt as though everything in our marriage, family, and life had been upended, and the result was debilitating anxiety and depression. I struggled to get through each day as cracks in our marriage widened and our older child neared her teen years. We were in desperate need of support. Dr. Peed went the long, tedious distance with us in her provision of marriage and family therapy. She was patient and compassionate, honest and steady, intuitive and insightful. Individual, marriage, and family healing journeys are complex "one step forward, two steps back" dances. Dr. Peed held space for this reality as we excavated what was damaged and moved toward rebuilding our foundation toward personal and relational wholeness. Our family has come so far through these past several years, and I am grateful to God for the worthwhile work Dr. Peed did with and for us!

    - L.W.

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